Ever wonder how soccer is incorporated

into your daily life? Where and when did this game originate? Is this why there are so many people who love this game? Nearly every culture has a reference to soccer’s history.

Many ancient cultures are where soccer’s origins were found. These ball games were played by many cultures, including the Chinese, Japanese and Greeks. Because these ball games are very similar to modern soccer, it’s impossible to pinpoint the exact origin of soccer.

The oldest known ball games in history are probably the Chinese ones. They consist of passing a ball made from leather in a circular motion, without the ball touching the ground. Roman and the Greeks used their ball games as a way to prepare their soldiers for war. They have a game called Tlatchi in south and central America. It involves passing the ball around and not letting it touch anything. If a team scores, their trophy was to sacrifice their souls to the gods of death. live score

Modern soccer originated in Britain, and it spread throughout Europe. However, at first, there were only 100 players on the field, running to kick a leather football. Many of those who survived the games did not make it to the end.

The soccer was developed from rugby in England later on and they started to make the whole request for a soccer league. Just like kids playing with new toys, soccer fever spread throughout the world and it became the most loved game. In 1930, soccer was declared an independent sport. It is still the most popular game in the world.


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