All About Angels – The Good and Bad of it All – The True Story of the Brotherhood of Angels

Do Angels really exist? If so, do they influence your life? What do they look like that and is there a way to see them? Or are Angels just a quaint store-manufactured product made to flood the market with cherub-faced dolls with wings? These are very real questions you need to know – because if you believe in Angels, it opens up a whole new world of more questions needing to be answered about God, about the different kinds of Angels, and what effect Angels have on our lives today.

In fact most people today believe that Angels exist and have an influence on people’s lives. One of the reasons for this is because they or a loved one has experienced, felt, heard or seen things that cannot be explained in any other way. And indeed, that is one of the roles of the Holy Angels; supernatural guidance, protection, miracles, visions, even the soft swaying within to help us make the right choices. They have many responsibilities in their roles as workers for God. One of our responsibilities is to discern who is who – for all the Angels were once of the same brotherhood, but that brotherhood is now divided into Holy and unHoly Angels. There is also a third smaller segment of unHoly Angels called “Those Who Watch,” a group that do not agree with Satan and the demons or participate with them in evil, yet are separate from God and the Holy Angels because of the choices they have made in contradiction to God’s will. And all are around us all the time, and all will be addressed in this article.

The Holy Angels: these are some of the most beloved creatures the universe has ever known. All Angels were originally created Holy, but were also created with free will, just as humans were. They are not people who were once alive, and they were here before mankind ever came on the scene. Angels have many privileges, which includes giving messages to mankind. In fact, both the Greek words ag’ge-los and Hebrew mal-akh’ actually mean “messenger” or “spirit messenger” and occur in the Bible nearly 400 times. All Angels were individually created specifically for the roles they do. There are Guardian Angels, Healing Angels, Protection Angels, Homing Angels (Angels who help at death), and so many more. There is a hierarchy in place for clear organization for what needs to be done, and additional blessings and responsibilities for those who do it. Most do more than their share now to cover what used to be done by the Angels that fell. All love God and desire his name to be sanctified and his will to be done and wish to participate in making that happen.

What Angels look like has to do with what they were created to do. All Holy Angels have different colors inside their mid-region, constantly turning and shimmering like a beautiful gem in the sun. Each combination of colors seen is who they are, what they have accomplished and what responsibilities they have. Those Angels who have unplugged from Father do not have these colors within. Humans also have similar facets of love within our spirit that we continue to polish, since we are sparks off the Divine Flame and redeemed by Grace (we are not unplugged anymore. Angel’s wings are not actually feathers. They are likened more precisely to radiant beams of shimmering light. Angels are sexless; they don’t marry or procreate. But, they are generally referred to in the scriptures as males, although in most paintings they are represented as females.

Angels have names and personalities too. Only two Angel names are given in the Bible, Michael and Gabriel; since Angels were dispatched by God, in his name, not in their own. There are several references about people in the scriptures asking Angels for their names, or wanting to worship them; but they were strictly told, “Be careful! Do not do it! I am a fellow servant with you and with your brothers who hold to the testimony of Jesus. Worship God!” (Revelation 19:10) This is also why so many occult books are full of names, since the unHoly Angels are prideful and want to make a name for themselves and be known.

Angels communicate with each other with a language I have dubbed “AngelSpeak,” which is a perfect language they create as they go, and is perfectly understood by the listener. It is a combination of five things; numbers, musical tones, colors, space and dimension. For example, if I said the word “picnic” you may think of a sunny day in July and fried chicken. But through AngelSpeak, the picnic is July 4th 2004 at 11:00:24 A.M. PST, there were 7 pieces of crispy brown chicken, the sun was shining, etc. It is like an entire vision experience that is telepathically produced in the other’s mind. All spirit beings in the whole universe use this one language. Mankind was originally created to use it too, but because of the choices of our imperfect ancestors, we don’t. But we can see the rudiments around us – we identify most strongly when combinations of these things are presented to us. For example, the football team with their fight song, hometown, team colors, mascot, and shirt numbers; TV ads targeting you to remember them by a specific jingle, price, theme colors, etc.

Angels can travel at tremendous speed. There are millions of them just around our area of the galaxy. They are superhuman in power, and have more intelligence than we do. But, Angels are not all-knowing, and there are some things the Angels don’t know or fully understand. For example, they have an active interest in seeing how God’s love continues to interact with humankind, including the timing of important events. “Even Angels long to look into these things.” (1 Peter 1:12) Angels also rejoice at the repentance of a person turning away from bad choices, and they watch the “theatrical spectacle” that we produce as we go about our lives, making our own free will choices, for good or for evil. (1 Corinthians 4:9) This is truly Reality TV; can you imagine some of the possible titles? “The Political Comedy Hour – Red Light in the White House,” “The Hating Game – How Long will this Couple Stay Married?” and “Religion Today – Why Are Humans Playing God?” They don’t get to turn the channel when there is too much violence. But, they are allowed Divine intervention when they are invited to participate, through humankind’s free will choice of prayer. This is how much God respects free will, he won’t force anything upon us even if it is good for us. That is why we must ask the Angels to help us, even in small things. They want to help, they yearn to help.

In fact, one of the most touching things about Angels is that wherever the sun is going down around the earth, they sing a prayer for humankind, a blessing upon those who have chosen to stay one more day. They know how the unHoly Angels war against us, and the lack of clarity that most have about what is going on, and that we often forget and think we are separate and alone. They know it is difficult. They used to be taunted by the unHoly Angels too; then Michael the Archangel cast out “a third of the stars of heaven,” which is literally thousands upon thousands of Angels, in what is called The Great War. Formerly, the fallen Angels could come and go out of heaven, (Job. 2:1,2) but after this war they were not allowed to come back for any reason, and a great chasm was built to prevent one side hearing the other. Now, they are held in the vicinity of the earth (which includes the moon), for a short period of time. “Therefore rejoice, you heavens an you who dwell in them! But woe to the earth and to the sea, because the devil has gone down to you! He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short.”(Revelation. 12:12)

Most of the time Holy Angels stay invisible, but they are allowed to appear in different forms and even manifest a human body when needed. Remember what Einstein said? Matter is just slowed down energy. More often they look like a mist, bright light, tall bright man, shimmering heat waves or as vibrational qualities of energy, and you may not always clearly see the facets of love swirling within them, depending on the form they take. But, most of the time you will not see anything with your eyes – you will just have a knowing sense that you are not alone. Angels are difficult to see because their frequency is so very high. They really have to slow it down to allow us to see them. The Holy Spirit is warm or hot, but most of the time spirits, ghosts and Angels make the room feel very cold. When you sense these feelings, try to lift your own vibrational level up as far as you can, and go into prayer thereby bringing Holy Spirit further into play, and breathe very deeply. Now, cross your eyes slightly (as if you were looking at a “magic eye” puzzle of the 1980’s) and be open without fear, asking to see a Holy Angel from God. The Angel also has to choose to let you see him, and to slow down his energy to make it possible. Remember that Holy Angels do not want glory for themselves, so will only appear if it is in the best interest for the job. Be prepared to see Angels in a much different way than Hollywood portrays! They can be so very huge – I’ve seen Angels almost 40 feet tall, standing head and shoulders over a house that had just been blessed. They can also be very, very small. 606 angel number

The unHoly Angels: because of free will and ability to make one’s own choices, there were Angels in Noah’s day that came down to earth and materialized male bodies for themselves.”The sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose…the Nephilim were on the earth in those days, when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them.” (Genesis 6:2-4) These Angels who had left their responsibilities were then called fallen Angels, evil spirits, unHoly Angels or demons. They were not allowed to come back into their original job positions, the responsibilities they were created for. They were now on the same side of the fence as the Angel called Satan, who was the first Angel that had previously rebelled against God in the Garden of Eden.


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